Diaper main performance and structural characteristics

- Feb 26, 2018 -

1. Double inverter control bag length is established, which need adjustment, humanized operate automatically empty, saving time and membrane,

2. Control circuit chip adopt imported frequency, man-machine interface, control, convenient operation parameters directly, fully realize the humanized on automatic operation control,

3. Digital fault diagnosis function, fault diagnosis is clear at a glance

4.Packing speed and into a bag length adopt double frequency conversion control, digital sealing and cutting position input, sealing and cutting position precise, beautiful and strong,

5. High accurate tracking, automatic electronic photosensitive

6. Positioning stop function, not glue the knife, cut, don‘t waste capsule,

7. Double frequency contracted mechanical structure, wear less, easy maintenance and long life.

8. Sealing, PID control temperature are independent for all kinds of packaging materials,

9. All control by software, can install intermittent air device and spray alcohol device, functions and technology will upgrade immediately behind.