Paper mill pressure sieve wear fast repair method

- Feb 26, 2018 -

The traditional repair method is to weld the steel plate or replace the welding method, the cost is relatively low, but the welding produces high temperature, easy to produce internal stress, easily lead to metal deformation, especially stress concentration zone, corrosion resistance, leading to weld leakage.

Repair process is simple: Drying pressure screen at the end of the sieve - Surface treatment - Reconcile the material - Apply material - curing.

The advantages of good adhesion, good compressive properties, anti-wear properties and metal with the elastic deformation of the mechanical properties such as online repair, machining repair, repair, high efficiency, do not need to disassemble a large number of equipment, the general Case within 8 hours -24 hours to complete the repair.

The use of carbon nano-polymer materials will not produce metal fatigue wear, the normal maintenance of equipment under the premise of its service life even after repairing the life of new components.