Prevent slurry can take the following measures

- Feb 26, 2018 -

1) Improve the process and equipment

a. Try to simplify the feeding system in front of the paper machine and reduce or shorten the unnecessary process. The system should be sealed, that is, adopt the closed purification and screening equipment, meanwhile, often discharge the air accumulated in the sealing system.

b, to improve liquid storage ponds and white pits and other liquid flow path. So that it does not produce slurry, stop slurry, thereby eliminating dead ends. In the flange installation, pay attention to the junction is not easy to hang pulp.

c, without affecting the operation of paper machine conditions, try to improve the flow rate of various parts of the material.

d, using a smooth wall and corrosion-resistant materials, such as plastic, rubber, copper and so on.

2) The use of fungicides

Chloramines, chlorophenols, and organic nitrogen fertilizers and sulfur compounds as fungicides. More effective method is to use effective chlorine in water treatment system sterilization, the general effective chlorine concentration, you can control the breeding of bacteria. For particularly stubborn bacteria, the use of effective chlorine sterilization at the same time, and then applied the appropriate fungicide, you can achieve the desired results.

3) Regularly clean the equipment to keep the system clean. You can also use the solution to thoroughly brush.