The use of angle grinder should not wear gloves, wrong people accounted for Jiucheng!

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Angle grinder use matters needing attention

1, the operator in operation, we must pay attention to whether the parts are intact, insulated cable is damaged, whether or not aging phenomenon. After checking, plug in the power, can work

2, cutting and grinding operations, the staff can not be around within one meter and explosive materials, do not work in the direction of some people, to prevent casualties

3, when the wheel after use, you need to replace the power to be replaced when the power to prevent careless, press the switch, causing unnecessary personnel accidents

4, in the dangerous and flammable materials work, to be equipped with more than two fire extinguishers, take preventive measures. Achieve safety first, the second principle of production

5, in a long time after 30 minutes to use, you should stop resting for more than 20 minutes, to be cooled before operation. To prevent long-term use of the process, the temperature is too high, easy to make easy to damage, causing work-related accidents

6, in use, we have to follow the use of specifications and instructions to use, regular inspection, maintenance, work under conditions to ensure integrity, reduce the occurrence of accidents