Automatic Gloves Machine FAQ?

- Feb 26, 2018 -

1. Automatic glove machine is always broken?

A) one is the quality of the line, if the best cotton thread to the line of oil, is to find out if there is no place to hang

B) Check the yarn feeder, sinker, hook and other related parts for any problems.

2. automatic automatic glove machine and chain automatic glove machine What is the difference?

The chain machine is a generation machine, the computer machines are more than two generations of machines, advanced computer, high output, good output good quality gloves, and very few chain mechanic, the machine is not good to find someone repair, computer In the market accounted for more than 95%.

3 automatic fully automatic glove machine 7-pin. 10-pin. Thirteen needles What is the difference.

A few needle machine refers to a few needles per inch, such as the number of seven needles needle less dense needle large, so rough cotton yarn. Thirteen needle needle needle is a small cotton yarn, coarse cotton can not do.

4. Automatic glove machine maintenance before the pin does not turn round is how?

Probably the needle plate is wrong, or needle roller pull spring out. You just need to make some adjustments.