Characteristics Of Glove Machine Advantages And Uses?

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Gloves machine for raw materials varieties are: nylon multifilament (wire), polypropylene filament (line), polypropylene, polyester, nylon, PP, low elastic, high elastic, cotton yarn (line), pearl rayon, leather, mixed. High-speed running gloves machine with a complete set of N-color automatic conversion device, and the computer-controlled operation of the motor drive between the yarn feeder automatically switch between the multi-color pattern weaving simple and easy. Its high-performance knitting action makes it easy to produce high-quality knitwears that can only be done on large knitting machines, and miniaturization of high-end knitting machines.

With the development of the textile industry, the function and style of gloves are changing rapidly. To meet the needs of different people, so the requirements of glove machines are getting higher and higher.

Uses: Can be woven labor protection gloves, half finger gloves, jacquard gloves and so on. Specifications: 7-pin; 8-pin; 10-pin. Gloves size: 7-pin (SML); 8-pin (SML); 10-pin (SML) drag: 50HZ; 220V; 0.25KW single-phase AC motor speed: 0.4KW single-phase inverter speed. Control system: computer control. Self-stop device: The machine is equipped with, paragraph line stop; direction error stop; fabric does not go down from standstill. Rotating mechanism: cam, crank mechanism. Needle selection agencies: needle roller device. Lubrication device: hand-held pump central lubrication.