Heat Sealing Bag Of The Three Elements

- Feb 26, 2018 -

1. Heat sealing temperature

The role of heat sealing temperature is to make the adhesive layer heated to a more viscous flow state.

Since polymers have no definite melting point, there is a melting temperature range in which there is a temperature zone between the solid phase and the liquid phase, and the film enters the molten state when heated to this temperature range. Polymer viscous flow temperature and decomposition temperature, respectively, is the lower and upper sealing temperature, viscous flow temperature and decomposition temperature difference is an important factor in measuring the difficulty of heat sealing.

2 heat sealing time

Heat seal time refers to the film stay in the hot knife time, it is also affect the heat seal strength and appearance of a key factor. The same heat sealing temperature and pressure, heat sealing time, then the heat seal layer more fully fused, the combination of more solid. But the heat sealing time is too long, easy to cause wrinkling deformation of the heat seal weld, affect the smoothness and appearance; the same time heat sealing time, but also cause the decomposition of macromolecules, the sealing interface sealing performance deterioration.

3. Heat seal pressure

The function of heat seal pressure is to make the polymer resin film already in viscous flow state produce effective molecular mutual infiltration and diffusion between the heat seal interfaces so as to achieve a certain heat sealing effect.