Heat Sealing Cutting Bag Machine Main Working Principle Of Knowledge

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Heat sealing cutting bag machine is mainly composed of two motors, respectively, the main motor and stepper motor, in which the main motor is 220V AC motor, bag machine production of raw materials for the blown cylindrical plastic film, bag machine function Is to cut and seal the raw materials to produce a certain length of products, sealed at both ends of the rectangular semi-finished plastic bags. The main motor is used to drive the hot knife of the machine to cut the raw material.

As the hot knife cutting plastic bags through the electromagnetic heating, therefore, in the completion of the cutting of raw materials, plastic bags are also sealed at the same time, the stepper motor for feeding, each time the hot knife to lift the hot knife falling time Feeding, each feed length is the length of the semi-finished plastic bags produced.

Since the stepper motor can only feed when the hot knife is raised and lowered, coordination between the main and stepper motors is important.