Sewing Machine Clothing Irregular Movement How To Do

- Feb 26, 2018 -

In the process of using sewing machines to sew clothing, there are sometimes irregularities in the velocity of the clothes and short irregular stitches. Cloth movement depends entirely on the cooperation of the feed dog and the presser foot, so when the above irregular movement of the clothing material occurs, it can be concluded that the tooth and the presser foot have failed or the pressure is not properly adjusted. For example, the presser pressure is too small. Pressure is not tight fabric, it will cause irregular walking. At this time as long as the pressure screw to screw down to compact clothing. The presser foot is too tall to be able to hold down the material, which will cause the material to move freely or not at all. When adjusting, lift the presser foot wrench first, loosen the guide frame screw, then move the presser foot rod up and down After adjusting the distance between the presser foot and the needle board to the height of 7-8mm, then tighten the screw, and then drive to use.

There is another reason is due to loose screw teeth, running teeth left and right shaking, so that clothing can not regularly move forward. The handling method is to remove the needle plate. Tighten the two tooth screws. Tighten the needle plate installed, check the teeth on both sides, whether the edge of the needle plate groove friction, friction, will cause noise and heavy machine phenomenon, then only remove the needle plate, release the screw teeth, Adjust the position of the tooth to the middle of the needle plate groove, tighten the tooth screw, and then install the needle plate.